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Hypotonia Links--and more!
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Special Needs Children Support and Products

Parents of special needs children need support! This page lists some websites that offer emotional support from other parents. Some individual disease and syndrome websites are listed here. There are also links to websites that offer adaptive equipment to meet the special needs of our special children.

The Ivillage Child Hypotonia Message Board

The iVillage Sensory Integration Message Board

The iVillage Developmental Delays Board

The iVillage Tube Feeding Support Board

Hypotonia chat and photo site (free membership required)

Yahoo E-mail Groups. There is probably a group for everything under the sun! Search the groups and see if there is one for your child's condition.

FOR UK FAMILIES: Contact a Family provides information and support contacts for UK families caring for a child with special needs. This link will take you to the hypotonia page (newly added thanks, in part, to a hypotonia board member!) but many other conditions are also represented.

A very helpful article on how grandparents of special needs children can help!

Prader-Willi Syndrome Association

Williams Syndrome Foundation

Williams Syndrome Association

A site about home-schooling kids with disabilities.

Special Child online magazine for parents of special needs kids.

Yellow Pages For Kids With Disabilities

Dental Care for Children with Special Needs

Oral Health for Children and Adults with Special Needs Special-needs products like strollers, walkers, etc. Special-needs products like strollers, walkers, etc.

Toys R Us--Toy Guide for Differently Abled Kids.

Southpaw Enterprises. Sensory integration and developmental products; pediatric therapy equipment. by an OT and a PhD and features TONS of therapeutic products, toys, etc.

Beyond Play focuses on young children with special needs. Our goal is to bring you a great selection of products that are all appropriate for your Early Intervention needs. This catalog is intended for professionals of all disciplines working with children birth to five with special needs, as well as for parents.

Abilitations--a catalog company whose focus is serving the needs of individuals with special needs. Nice source for a lot of the therapy equipment if you want to try things at home!

The Bumbo Baby Sitter chair--recommended by a mom from the board for helping her baby learn to sit and providing support for sitting when she couldn't sit on her own.

Innovative Therapists International--information and products for speech therapy/oral motor exercises.

BuggyBagg--Protect the most precious item in your shopping cart. "Get the original BuggyBagg: the only combination shopping cart seat cover, high chair cover and diaper bag in one!"

Sound Therapy International

Sit up and go umbrella stroller insert

Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio toy ratings

Please visit us on the Child Hypotonia Board on the Parents Place section of iVillage!

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