Sleep Study 2006
Sleep study, page 3

Sleep study, page 2
Sleep study, page 3
The Results

Julie is wired up and ready for bed!  The tech forgot to warn us that it was her last chance to go to the bathroom, so we had to disconnect everything, let Julie use the bathroom and brush her teeth, and then reconnect everything.  All the wires go into various connectors that have their own wires going into the wall and then to the computer in the control room down the hall.  There is also a camera on the ceiling that watches her during the night and has both video and audio, so the tech can see that she's ok and can hear whether she's snoring (and whether I'm snoring, too!). 
Below there is a picture of the tapes and goos that the tech used to get Julie all wired up.  There is one syringe on the left that loo
ks as if it has a needle--fear not!  It's not a needle, but rather a skinny tube through which the tech can squirt contact goo on the electrode before putting it on Julie.  That syringe doesn't go anywhere near Julie and there are no needles for a sleep study!

The tech's tape and goo and a syringe with electrode goo--not a needle!

Saying thanks and good night to the wonderful tech who got Julie ready!

Saying goodnight to Daddy on Mommy's cell phone.

Reading a story from school for homework before bed.

sleepstudy27.jpg hour late for Julie's regular bedtime and ready to sleep.

Mom's luxury digs which doubles as a sofa at the foot of Julie's bed.

The Results....

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