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Julie at Theraplay 

Julie has had private PT through insurance weekly from age 2 through 12.  At the start of 7th grade, we scaled back to once a month because there was not enough time in the week!  However, over the summer, she was able to go back to Theraplay weekly to see Brenda.  Brenda has been working with Julie since she was 6 and starting 1st grade!


Each PT session starts with manual stretches of Julie's hamstrings.  Julie's hamstrings have gotten tight off and on since she was 6 and Brenda stretches them at PT partly to check how they are doing (they are OK at the moment!).


Julie is old enough to work on stamina by walking briskly on the treadmill.  You can't see her, but Brenda is nearby making sure Julie is OK!  Julie has made good progress with the amount of time she can spend on the treadmill and the speed at which she can walk.




Sitting on the ball and doing reps with hand weights works balance, core strength, and arm strength.  When Julie was younger, Brenda played games with her to encourage her to work and to make sure she liked coming to PT.  Now that Julie is older, they just chat the whole time!


Julie does a modified crunch on the half ball while Brenda spots her feet.  This is really hard!  It works her core muscles that are so key to her balance and stamina.


Oops!  Like I said, it's a hard exercise!  That's why Brenda is always nearby to spot Julie and why they work over an excerise mat.


This is another balance exercise where Julie holds this pose as Brenda times her.


Modified push ups are another area where Julie has made great progress with how many she can do and her form as she does it.


This is another "hold the pose" exercise where Julie supports herself on her arms and toes while Brenda times her.


That one is hard, too!  Julie takes a well deserved rest.

I truly believe that keeping Julie in PT every week for nearly her entire life is a big part of why she is doing so well today.  We are very grateful to all the PTs who have worked with her since she was 1 year old and especially to Brenda for all her great work with Julie for 7 years (and counting!).