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Hypotonia Links--and more!
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Internet Abbreviations

Are you new to all this internet and hypotonia stuff? Are the abbreviations making you crazy? Hopefully this page will help! LOL!

Hypotonia related abbreviations:

BCH--benign congenital hypotonia (a diagnosis or a symptom?)

PT--physical therapist, physiotherapist, physical therapy

OT--occupational therapist, occupational therapy

ST--speech therapist, speech therapy

SI--sensory integration, sensory integration disorder

SID--sensory integration disorder

SIOT--sensory integration occupational therapist or therapy





mito--mitochondrial disorder

CP--cerebal palsy


tx--treatment or therapy

AFO--ankle foot orthotic

SMO--supramalleolar orthotics (they stop at the ankle)

EI--early intervention

IU--intermediate unit (EI for 3-5 year olds)

IEP--individualized educational plan

Internet Abbreviations

LOL--laugh out loud

ROTFL--rolling on the floor laughing

LMAO--laughing my a$$ off

:)--a smile (various versions)

DH--darling husband

DW--darling wife

DD--darling daughter

DS--darling son





BTW--by the way

TIA--thanks in advance

IMHO--in my humble opinion

HTH--hope that helps

KWIM--know what I mean?

HWIWD--here's what I would do

LI--link inside

(nt)--no text (in other words, just a subject heading)

(m)--more (there is text inside the message)

MIA--missing in action


CL--community leader (an ivillage term)

WRITING ALL IN CAPS--ok to use for emphasis sometimes, but it's considered YELLLING and impolite to use all the time.

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