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Hypotonia Links--and more!
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Medical Links

This page is devoted to medical links related to hypotonia and some of the many conditions for which hypotonia is a symptom. This page is provided for the sake of your own research in order to help your child and should not replace the care of a physician!

The physicians you might want to consult to help your hypotonic child include a pediatric neurologist who is a neuromuscular specialist, a pediatric geneticist, a pediatric orthopedist, and a developmental pediatrician.

The Benign Congenital Hypotonia Site--excellent information on hypotonia and references and links.

UK Congenital Hypotonia Website--more excellent general information and links. Only a small portion of the information is UK specific. A searchable medical information site.

NIH/Medline Hypotonia Article--brief, but informative

Hypotonia article from Tender Care 4 Kids. Appears to be written by a PT.

The March of Dimes

United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation

Medline--an NIH site where you can research health topics Edit

Med Help International website offers the opportunity to ask a medical question for a small fee. The good thing is it has a searchable database of questions and answers that others have asked and, presumably, paid for.

Society for Inherited Metabolic Disorders--extensive, if technical, links page

NORD--National Organization for Rare Disorders. Extensive list of rare disorders and a helpful search engine.

The US Muscular Dystrophy Association Website

Orphranet article on Bethlem Myopathy. An excellent, somewhat technical site describing Bethlem Myopathy

The Congenital Myopathy Site. Written by a parent and full of excellent myopathy information.

Birth Disorder Information Directory. A site that has info about lots and lots of different conditions considered "birth defects".

From the Benign Congenital Hyoptonia Website--a paper on EI and BCH (very good).

Children's Hospital of Boston Beggs Lab Myopathy Information

eMedicine congenital myopathy information

General congenital myopathy information

The Center for Handicapped Children and Teenagers

Diseases of Muscle, Neuromuscular Junction, and Peripheral Nerve from Cornell University's Weill Medical College

Muscle biopsy information. Very technical.

Muscle biopsy pathology information. Very technical.

Prader-Willi information sheet

Williams Syndrome Foundation

Angelman Syndrome Foundation

Dyspraxia information. Information on trouble with motor planning and movement.

Apraxia, or verbal dyspraxia, information.

SI Network--good information about Sensory Integration Disorder

Sensory Integration International (SII) The Ayres Clinic. FAQ's about SID and an address to send away for a list of SIOTs in your state who are certified by SII. (SII certification is not necessary to be a SIOT, however)

Elhers-Danlos National Foundation. Excellent information about hyperflexibility and this connective tissue disorder.

Brief descriptions of common genetic/metabolic problems from Horizon Molecular Medicine. Rather technical, but may offer some information about genetic, metabolic and mito disorders.

Dysphagia Resource Center--Resources for swallowing and swallowing disorders.

Please visit us on the Child Hypotonia Board on the Parents Place section of iVillage!

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