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August 2008 Bethlem Myopathy/Ullrich CMD conference notes
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Update 2006
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Bethlem Myopathy--DNA and Muscles
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Second grade is done and third is on its way! 

I am marvelling that Julie is now 8 years old.  It seems like just yesterday when I built this website to share her journey.  In that time, I am delighted that several people have contacted me with questions about their child and to introduce their own child affected by Bethlem.  I try to imagine what it would be like trying to help Julie without the help of the wonderful people I have met on the i would be a very different, even more frustrating journey to say the least.
Julie has had a year filled with successes and challenges.  Physically, she continues to make nice, slow and steady progress.  She can now jump quite well and can jump repetitively and can jump over cardboard bricks at PT.  Her hopping has really come along this year and she can hop a couple times in a row which is fabulous!  Her balance is much improved and she can balance on the balance board and the tumbleforms bolster.  At her neuromuscular visit this summer, the neuro and the PT there noticed that this was the first time she did not hyperextend her knees when walking and running.